Joining the Squadron

We take new cadets at set times throughout the year.  We do this as there is a training programme that all our new recruits must complete before they are officially enrolled on to the squadron.  This information includes learning about the ATC, and the RAF, and introduction into the history of flight, first aid and how to wear and look after your uniform.  You will also learn how to do drill, and we start developing your teamwork skills.  

We have found that by taking our new recruits together as a group, it is less daunting when they arrive and they quickly learn about becoming part of a team. 

At an open evening, there will be a presentation about everything the RAFAC can offer followed by an opportunity to see for yourself the type of activities we do on a parade night. 

About the Squadron

   Once you join the Air Cadets you will be able to participate in most squadron activities, and you will start your basic training straight away, as T-Flight (Training Flight).  After about 9 weeks and on successful completion of Phase 1 of this training you will be enrolled as an Air Cadet at a short ceremony.  This is when you become a full member of the Air Training Corps. 


During this time you will learn about;

  •        The Royal Air Force
  •         The ATC
  •        History of Flight
  •        Expeditions
  •        How to use Radios for communications
  •        Map Reading
  •        Airfields & Flying
  •  Drill & Conducting yourself in a uniformed organisation


It will take another 1-3 months to progress to a first class cadet, which will allow you to take part in most activities including annual camps, adventure training, fieldcraft training, shooting, and sports!


You will then go on to become a Leading Cadet, Senior Cadet and eventually a Staff Cadet.  You may also be promoted to become a Cadet NCO and help with the running of the Squadron.


If you apply yourself you will eligible for some valuable qualifications by just being a cadet, such a BTEC Award  in Aviation Studies (worth  1 GCSE), BTEC Certificate in Aviation Studies (worth 2 GCSEs), and the BTEC First Diploma in Public Services (worth 4 GCSEs).  You can also undertake first aid qualifications and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.


All cadets pay a subscription of £15 a month, but uniforms whilst issued for free, must be returned if, for whatever reason, you decide to leave.


Points to Remember



·         Download the My RAFAC App to access your identification, achievements and activities. You must make sure to have this when attending squadron evenings and other events. 

·         Wear correct uniform unless told otherwise, and ensure it is clean and ironed.  Shoes must be well polished. Make sure hair is cut and put back

·         Always be good mannered and polite

·         Use “Sir” or “Ma’am” when speaking to officers and warrant officers.  Other uniformed staff are called by their rank

·         When speaking to NCOs, call them by their rank

·         Salute officers when you are in uniform and wearing your beret

·         Salute when entering the CO’s office

·         Check Cadet Portal frequently and apply to as many activities or camps as possible. Alert the staff of any absances through Cadet Portal 

·         Volunteer to do as much as you can

·         Addres the Civilian Instructers as "Ma'am" or "Sir"

·         Register with the the duty NCO at the beginning of the evening and sign out at the end

·         Come to evenings with a good attitude and a smile

·         Pay any money you owe on time or ensure a plan is in place

·         Ask for help if there is anything you don’t understand

·         Report anything that may be dangerous. You must ensure both yourself and others are safe



·         Leave the building without telling a member of staff.

·         Intimidate or bully other cadets

·         Behave in a disruptive manner, at any time.

·         Smoke or drink alcohol whilst on ATC duty or in uniform.


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